About Academic Insights
Academic Insights is an independent, small business that provides timely, accurate and professional Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE) for students of all ages. An IEE is a private evaluation performed by experienced, qualified personnel outside the school system. It provides a detailed view of a student's unique learning style and educational needs. If you are the parent of a child with learning differences, an IEE will give you a keen understanding of your child's cognitive abilities and academic strengths and weakness. A clear interpretation of the results leads to educational recommendations including remediation and accommodations.

Note: The school personnel responsible for developing your child's educational program must review and consider the information presented in the IEE, but are not required to act on it. Most often, however, teachers welcome additional information on a student's learning needs and value the detailed recommendations.

About Susan Schaldach
Susan Schaldach has a Master's Degree in Special Education, and over 30 years of experience as a special educator and professional teacher in the Durango public school system. Over her career, she has become a strong advocate for individual evaluations, because the insights gained from an IEE help drive effective programming and enhance school success. Today, she is a passionate diagnostician dedicated to providing an accurate, in-depth assessment in a professional, supportive environment.

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We are incredibly thankful for the privilege of meeting Susan Schaldach two years ago. At the time, our second grade twin boys were struggling in school. We knew both kids were incredibly intelligent, but couldn't figure out why they were struggling with reading and spelling. We had read to them nearly every night of their young lives, and introduced them to many life experiences that were centered around educational opportunities. We couldn't figure out what were we doing wrong!

Both kids had a delightful testing experience with Susan. Susan has a way of putting kids at ease while testing to thoroughly find their strengths and weaknesses. Upon review of the test results, we were comforted to know that both our kids were gifted in many areas, but needed thorough intervention with their reading and spelling. Susan made an educational recommendation that was successful for both boys (one kiddo improved three years of reading in his first year of school after testing!).

Susan has an unbiased opinion in regards to her proposed educational solutions (oh, it's so hard to find an unbiased view!). It feels good to be at peace with our educational choices. We have Susan Schaldach to thank for putting us on the right track for educational success.

~Parents of third grade boys

We had the pleasure of sending our daughter to work with Susan and it was one of the best and most important parental decisions we have made. As the primary people in charge of her education, Susan provided us insight we would not otherwise have figured out. We are saving money for college, but spending money now with Academic Insights so her entire lifelong educational experience is positive.

~Parent of a second grader

Thank you so much. I honestly cannot express how much we appreciate this opportunity for you to assess our son's abilities and to FINALLY have a clear picture of what is going on. It is going to make our work with him moving forward so much clearer and fruitful for everyone involved, most especially [my son]! I can't speak highly enough of your assessment process and final report. You can use me for a testimonial if you ever need it!

~Parent of a third grader

Thank you so much for helping [my son] see his opportunity to bloom. Your professionalism, supportive and compassionate work on [my son's] behalf have given us a sense of relief and a passion for the future. To have given him a picture of his strengths and his opportunities truly is empowering.

~Parent of a college student

Susan is adept at working with both parents and especially the child to determine the best possible outcomes for educational success. She is sensitive to the possibilities of what could be going on in a kids' brain and body and helps parents navigate successful results for a more positive educational experience. Academic Insights is the kind of organization you'd expect to have in a big city and we have it right here in Durango. Susan has helped reset our daughter's path in a way we would not otherwise have known.

~Parent of a second grader

Working with Susan was a treat for my son! The process started with an in-depth evaluation that not only provided academic strengths and weaknesses, but results about how he processes and perceives information. She was able to take these results and apply them in a practical and fun way to encourage academic improvement. She shed light into the corners of his creative mind. My 11 year-old son looked forward to seeing her each session and he developed a pride in his work that was lacking previously. He continues to apply her “methods” when reading and writing at school, which makes writing assignments go from overwhelming to manageable. Most importantly, he still considers Susan a friend and ally!

~Parent of a 6th grader

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